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Welcome to my shop!
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Room Planner Workbook - Special Offer for Subscribers
Room Planner Workbook - Special Offer for Subscribers
Room Planner Workbook - Special Offer for Subscribers
Room Planner Workbook - Special Offer for Subscribers
Room Planner Workbook - Special Offer for Subscribers
Room Planner Workbook - Special Offer for Subscribers
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Room Planner Workbook - Special Offer for Subscribers

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Designing a beautiful room can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to start. And there are so many decisions to make! 

A solid plan can help organize your thoughts and ensure that your room meets your specific needs and wants. 

This room planner workbook was created to help you answer all of the important questions about your room, like how you want your room to feel and how you need the room to function

These are the exact things that I think about when working on a room and now it's available in an easy-to-print format. 

What if you don't even know where to start?

Part 2 of this workbook is the Design Resource Guide, which will help you figure out your style and what colors to use. 

About the Room Planner Workbook

This 34 page planner is divided into 2 portions, the Printable Planner and the Design Resource Guide. 

The Printable Planner includes:

  • 3 Page Questionnaire About Your Room: Basic information about the room, plus your needs and wants for the room. 
  • Mood Checklist - Figure out how you want your room to feel.
  • Inspirational Starting Point - Figuring out an inspirational starting point to pull colors and other design elements from. 
  • Timeline - Determine times for delivery, work getting done and other deadlines. 
  • To-Do List - Figure out your ultimate to-do list so that no task is forgotten. 
  • Shopping List - Determine which items need to be bought, where you are buying them and how much you're spending. Perfect for keeping to your budget!
  • Final Room Plan Details - Organize the information for the final design. 
  • Using Pinterest for Inspiration - How to use Pinterest for inspiration, plus how to analyze the information to determine what you like. 
  • Grid and Dotted Grid Floor Plans - Use a traditional grid floor plan to plan the layout. The dotted grid is similar to a bullet journal for a less distracting look. 
  • Full Page Grid and Dotted Grid Sheets - In case you need more room for planning. 

The Design Resource Guide includes:

  • 3 Pages of Popular Styles - Determine your preferred style with these style overviews, plus the key elements used in each style. 
  • Making a Digital Mood Board using Canva - Visualize your design with a mood board using Canva, a free and easy to use design software. 
  • Color Theory - Learn the basics about color theory. 
  • Color Schemes - Advice about basic color schemes and ideas to find your own unique color schemes for your home. 
  • Color Psychology - Information about how color affects our moods. 
  • Furniture Dimensions Cheat Sheet - Basic furniture sizes to help figure out a room layout. 
  • Money Saving Tips - Ways to save money when buying home decor. 
  • Decorating Tips - Decorating advice about sizes and placement. 
  • Shopping Resources - My favorite places to shop for furniture, decor and more.

Plus, you will receive a 14 page instruction guide explaining how to use the workbook. Plus I've included sample information a re-design for my master bedroom. 

You're going to LOVE your new room design!

This planner can be printed as many times as you want! 

Any updates will be sent to you automatically. 

This is an instant download and will be sent to you as soon as you purchase. 

Files are zipped and will need to be extracted.